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Hottie Pees Her Pants Outdoors

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010

Wet In Public

Check out these video clips from this teen hottie’s pee accident. She was walking along this busy street, hoping to get home so she could release the pressure that was building up in her bladder. However, she was still several blocks away when she realized that there was going to be no way that she could wait any longer. She hurried over to a place where she could hide and squat down to pee, but it was too late, the pee was already flowing down her legs.

Download her full length pee accident video at Wet In Public. The pee leaves her grey pants with an obvious pee mark. She tries to act like she’s not embarrassed, but she’s humiliated and soon racing home to change her clothes, hoping that no one will see her on the way. It’s so hot and this is just one of the hours of pee accident videos that you can see on that site.

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Hottie Pees Her Panties

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010


I have another really hot Wet In Public video to share with you today. This one features a black haired hottie that’s taking a walk through this park. She’s on her way home because she really needs to pee. She thought that she would be able to make it home, but all of a sudden the force was too strong and she felt her panties getting wet. She ended up squatting down and emptying her bladder before she took off her panties and continued her trip home.

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Redhead Teen Pees Her Pants

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010


Check out these video clips of a teen that pees her pants in public. And she doesn’t just pee her pants in public, but she’s just a few feet away from a busy street with cars streaming past. There’s only a small concrete wall that gives her some privacy, however if any of them look in her direction, they’ll see a giant piss stain growing in her pants and a puddle growing between her legs. It gets even more embarrassing because she has to walk down the street to get home to change her pants.

Like these preview clips? Wait until you see the full length videos at Wet In Public. They have hours and hours of real videos featuring real women that pee their pants in public. I don’t know if it can get anymore embarrassing than that! You can download all of these videos and watch them anytime you want on your computer. What else can you ask for!

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Blondie Pissing in the Street

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010

Piss Hunters

This sexy blonde teen babe was out with her friends being a public nuisance all around after they all decided to bunk off school. For most of the morning they all sat around the public park on the playground and just gossiped and stuffed their faces with candy and drank soda. By lunchtime though most of them were feeling pretty ill from all the candy and sugar and all but four of them went home. This cute blonde and her three friends decided that since they were the only one’s left they would sit on the roundabout and play a little truth or dare.

It was one of the guys turns and one of them dared blondie here to do something she’d never normally do. Well she thought about it and realized that after all the soda she had drunk she was desperate to take a piss so she told them that she’d piss in public up against one of the buildings near the park. The guys were pretty excited at the idea of seeing her piss so they followed her over to the house. They couldn’t believe their eyes as they watched her squatting up against the building!

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Pissing By The River

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010


Charlotte was waiting by the river with her girlfriends, each of their boyfriends had gone fishing in their boat and left the women on the riverbank to gossip and eat the food they packed to bring with them. As the women sat and chatted the sun started to go down and they felt a little bit chilly, as she got colder Charlotte had a harder time holding her piss and finally she couldn’t wait anymore. Charlotte wasn’t worried about pissing in front of her girlfriends but she wanted to make sure that the guys didn’t see her so she moved off in to the woods.

As she stood by the river bank in the bushes she could see the guys out in their boat and watching them she pulled her jeans down and her tiny black thong as well. Squatting down she kept an eye on the guys as the piss started to trickle out of her slit. There was something erotic about pissing while three guys were out within sightline and had no idea of what she was doing As the piss came harder all Charlotte could think of was what if the guys all turned around and saw her!

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Jenny and Georgia Take a Piss

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010


Jenny and Georgia were visiting Russia as part of a trip for school, they had been told never to leave their tour group because it would be dangerous for them but the girls had been touring with their group for two hours and they really had to take a piss. The girls didn’t know how to ask their tour guide where a bathroom was but they did know that he kept stopping to point out tourist spots so the next time he stopped they ducked down an alley and squatted. Regardless of who was watching the girls were too desperate to wait anymore!

Pulling down their pants and their panties both girls squatted next to each other, their bare asses nearly touching the wall behind them. As they started to giggle at how sneaky they were being they started to let the piss flow. Once the pee started flowing though the girls couldn’t stop and when the tour guide spotted them and motioned for them to stop they just couldn’t. They could see his cock getting hard at the sight of them taking a piss and it made them laugh. Jenny even gave him a flash of her pussy as she pulled up her panties!

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Cynthia Pissing in the Bushes

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010


Cynthia was out at a work picnic, every single year her company threw the same boring party but each employee who went got paid for a day off work so each and every year Cynthia showed up. The day was pretty boring but the free food was good and it was nice to get paid for doing absolutely nothing! Cynthia stood around some of her girlfriends and they ate and drank and made sure that they all knew about the gossip that was going around the office. While the women gossiped all the men started a game of soccer…or at least Cynthia thought that all the men were playing!

When Cynthia suddenly had to take a piss she ducked off in to the bushes and dropped her jeans and pulled down her panties. Cynthia had no idea that she was secretly being watched by one of her male co-workers who was hiding in the bushes! As Cynthia started to piss she could swear that she heard someone breathing heavily but she thought the idea of someone watching her take a piss was stupid, who’d want to see a woman pissing after all? Little did she know!

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Carrie Caught Pissing

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010

Piss Hunters

Carrie was at the beach with her girlfriends bunking off school for the day. They’d been having such a great time splashing in the waves in their skimpy bikinis and drinking ice cold drinks. Carrie really had to take a piss after a few drinks but she really didn’t want to go and see how disgusting the bathrooms were on the pier. The next time the drink guy came walking past she asked him if there was another bathroom that was sure to be cleaner and with a smile he pointed her towards a little hut just off the beach.

Carrie was feeling pretty lucky to have found an alternative to the disgusting pier bathroom but when she stepped in to the hut and found a wooden box with a hole cut in to it she wasn’t so sure anymore. As she pulled down her panties and squatted she could swear that she heard a noise but she had to go so badly by this point that she felt the pee start to trickle out regardless of whether she wanted it to or not. She could swear she heard breathing below her as she kept pissing…she had no idea!

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Trish Caught Peeing

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010

Piss Hunters

Trish had been surveying a new building site for her company, the contractors were due any minute to see what they could do with the place but she was absolutely bursting for a piss. Grabbing her bag Trish ran to the back of one of the derelict buildings and pulled down her pants. Just as she felt the light trickle begin she heard cars pulling up outside and she knew that the contractors were there. Unable to stop the flow of piss all she could do was piss harder and hope that no one found her!

Hearing footsteps coming closer Trish tried to hurry her pissing. The footsteps stopped and Trish was for sure that she was home free but little did she know that one of the contractors was spying on her from behind a partial wall, his cellphone camera recording her as she let the piss keep coming. She was completely clueless as he stood there watching her, his breath coming faster and harder and his cock getting harder by the second as he watched her. The wet piss made his cock throb and ache for her pink juicy slit.

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Teen Pees Behind A Building

Filed Under (pissing) on 11-03-2010

Piss Hunters

Check out these voyeur photos of this blonde teen pissing behind a building. This photographer had heard that this was a popular place for women to pee, but until now he had no luck. That’s when this blonde eighteen year old snuck back here. There was no public bathroom in the area and she really had to pee. She didn’t see the photographer, so she pulled down her jeans and let the pee flow.

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