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Yvonne Pisses Her Shorts

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Yvonne headed down to the lake in her tight short green shorts and her cute green top. Her girlfriend had told her that she would set her up on a blind date and if she showed up over at the side of the lake by their favorite bench then she would make sure that she wasn’t disappointed. Yvonne had been running late though and instead of getting ready before she left she grabbed her makeup and did it on the way down to the lake. By the time she got there she was still running late though and realized that she had forgotten to take a piss before she left. By the time Yvonne realized that she hadn’t [peed|pissed]] it was too late.

Every single step she took shook her bladder and soon all she could think about was finding somewhere to take a piss. Realizing that there was no where nearby Yvonne couldn’t do a thing to stop herself and before she knew what to do she had started to piss in her shorts. A small wet spot started to grow bigger and wetter on her shorts and eventually her tight green shorts were absolutely covered in piss and clinging to her pussy!

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Iris Pisses Her Blue Jeans

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Iris has always been the type of girl who loves to take risks and when her newest fuck buddy suggested that they try something a little kinkier than usual Iris was all for it. There wasn’t one thing that the two of them hadn’t tried in the bedroom before but lately they’d both been daring each other to try new things outside of the bedroom. At first they started off just teasing each other in public and then one night they fucked each other in an alley in the middle of a crowded street but this past weekend Iris’ fuck buddy suggested something a little kinkier, he suggested that Iris piss her pants in the middle of the day in the park!

Iris wasn’t too sure about the whole thing but she knew that it would really get her fuck buddy going so she decided to give it a shot. As she sat outside on the metal railing she watched as her fuck buddy held the camera with an already raging boner in his pants. He watched her as she sat there trying to piss and for a moment Iris wasn’t sure that she could piss in public with her pants on but just as she was about to give up there came a gush of piss, soaking through her denim jeans, down her legs and on to the floor in a puddle!

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Polly Pissing Her Pants In Public

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Polly has always had a pissing fetish. For about as long as she has loved dick she has loved the feeling of a pair of panties soaked in her piss sticking to her wet slit. She had always gone after guys who loved pissing too and together they would get each other so horny that they just couldn’t stand it anymore and always ended up having the hottest sex ever! Well Polly’s latest boyfriend loved pee so much that he’d always push the limits and one day when they were out walking around town he dared Polly to piss her pants right there.

Polly knew that she shouldn’t, she couldn’t or else she’d get caught and it’d be embarrassing and uncomfortable. But the more her boyfriend talked about how hot it would be to see her soaked in piss walking down the street, well the less she could resist! Finally Polly let go just a drop at a time. At first she couldn’t see anything but soon enough she had a huge wet spot on her jeans that everyone was bound to notice, but her boyfriend was right, it did feel so good on her pussy!

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Mya Pisses Her Gray Pants Through

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Mya had spent all afternoon in town picking out a new outfit for her best friends upcoming party over the weekend. She had spent so long just to make sure that every single aspect of her outfit was taken care of from her high heels to her cute dress and a new necklace. The thing was that Mya had spent so long getting everything she needed that she’d been out all afternoon. When Mya realized that she was about to miss her bus home she had to run to try to make sure she didn’t miss her bus.

Mya had only got half way to the bus stop when the sudden urge to piss took over her. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold it and she started to panic and then just as she stood between two cars she felt the first drop of piss escape from her slit. She felt it trickle from her hole and stain her panties in a warm wet drop. Soon she couldn’t stop herself and the piss soaked all the way through her tight gray pants. Her pants clung to her ass and her thighs as the piss soaked through!

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Lisa Pisses Her Pants In Public!

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Lisa is a cute brunette babe who loves spending time with her friends just about anywhere at anytime. Every weekend she likes to meet up with her girlfriends out at the stadium and they hang around outside looking for guys to take home with them for a little more fun! Well last weekend Lisa was already on that side of town and even though she was thirty minutes early she figured she’d drop by the stadium and wait for her friends instead of going back home and then back out. When she got there there was nothing going on, there were no people around and the stadium hadn’t even opened yet so she leaned against the wall and waited.

As Lisa waited she started to desperately need to piss but since the stadium wasn’t open yet there was no where for her to take a piss. The longer she tried to wait the more desperate she got for a piss and soon she just couldn’t hold it anymore! As she stood there the piss started to trickle down her legs, her thighs got warm and wet and soon there was a soaking wet patch on the ground between her legs.

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Whitney Pisses Her Jogging Pants!

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Whitney had been getting up unusually early lately, she had no idea why but she just couldn’t sleep in so she’d started going for walks. She didn’t live too far from a huge lake so it was a great place to go and walk early in the morning. Whitney liked how quiet it was and how friendly all of the early morning runners were as they passed her by. The problem was, however, that last week as Whitney walked around the lake  and all the runners passed her by waving their hellos, Whitney realized she needed to piss. It wasn’t the sort of pee that you can hold either, it was the sort of piss that one more step would make her piss her pants.

Whitney had no choice, she tried to walk faster towards the bathrooms on the other side of the lake. She only made it two more steps before she had to go to sit down on a wall. But as she got to the wall it was just too late, the warm piss started to trickle out of her slit. A warm wet puddle formed in her panties as she let it go and soon she was standing next to that wall with a growing wet patch on her jogging pants. As the wet patch got bigger her panties stuck to her slit.

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Amelia Pisses Her Panties

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Amelia has always prided herself on her cute wardrobe. She just loves to dress up in her cute outfits and go in to town because she just loves how all the guys look at her. She loves to feel a guy looking her up and down and imagining what she looks like underneath her cute little outfits.  Well last weekend Amelia decided to dress up in her cute leopard print heels, her cute skirt, cotton panties and her tiny black spaghetti strap tank top. As she strutted her stuff up and down the streets she watched as guys turned their heads to look at her and she reveled in the feeling of being wanted.

As Amelia turned for one more walk down the bridge she was struck by a sudden urge to piss. She knew that there wasn’t a bathroom until she got back over the bridge and out by the stores but she also knew that she wasn’t going to make it more than a few more steps before she pissed her pants. She tried to keep walking but suddenly as she stood there the piss started to trickle out of her slit and wet her panties. As that soft cotton got wetter it soaked through and started to make a spot on her skirt!

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Juliet Gets Caught Needing A Piss

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Juliet had been sent out by her lover. She knew that he was married when she met him but she also knew that he was hot and he was loaded so not only would she get to fuck a hot guy but she would also get to spend his money and she loved spending money! Well her lovers wife had decided to take a surprise trip in to town to visit and Juliet had been sent away for the day. Her lover had assured her that his wife would be gone by night fall so she just had to keep herself busy until then.

Juliet had been shopping for most of the day and was on her way back to their apartment. She had left just in time to get there before the sun went down and it was a pretty long walk but on the way she took stock of all the great stuff she had bought during the day. Just as she was about twenty minutes from home she realized that she was desperate for a piss. She was so suddenly desperate that she knew she couldn’t take another step without pissing on herself, but what was she to do other than find herself standing there with piss trickling down her warm thighs!

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Rita Pisses Her Shorts

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

Rita has always had a nervous bladder, in fact it’s also the size of a pea so she never makes it more than thirty minutes without having to take a piss no matter where she is or what she’s doing. Sometimes Rita can’t even make it twenty minutes without desperately needing to go to the bathroom! Recently Rita decided that she was going to try and walk around town on her lunch break from work. A few of her clients at the diet store had mentioned that she looked a little overweight so she thought it would help to walk during her lunch break.

The first day that Rita tried to walk around town though she ran in to a problem. Each and every time she walked close to the fountain in the town square she desperately had to piss. She thought she’d be able to control the need but the third time she came up on the fountain she was paralyzed. Pushing herself against the wall she tried to keep control of herself but she felt the piss start to trickle down her leg and then she just couldn’t hold it anymore! The piss started running down her legs and splattering on the cold concrete!

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Hottie pissing at the derelict house

Filed Under (pissing) by admin on 23-09-2010

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Another hot pissing post for you to enjoy! Seductive plump beauty is going to meet her boyfriend, but suddenly she felt pressure inside her urinary bladder, and there was no other place but suspended construction for her to do water. We clearly know this place is rather popular among young chicks like that, so we’ve hidden some spy cameras in corners to shoot exclusive pissing content for all dedicated fans of pissing. Sexy chick made herself comfortable just in front of one of our cameras so that you can see in details the way hot blonde is watering ground with warm yellow liquid! Feel free to view all pictures of the naughty blonde.

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